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Monday, January 9, 2012

Assignment #1 Exposure

In this assignment you will shoot a series of exposures and iso settings on your digital camera as follows:

1.  Set Colorspace to Adobe RGB
2.  Set Quality to RAW & jpg-large
3.  Set Mode to manual
4.  Now set ISO and expose images as follows:

-Shoot one subject at iso setting 100; 400; 800; 1600
-Shoot same subject at each iso at normal exposure, the one over and one under exposure

This then is what you'll end up with, 12 shots of each scene, shoot a total of 4 scenes for a grand total of 48 exposures.

This assignment is pass/fail, bring in one set of jpg images on a jump drive for in class review. Select best image for shoot and post on class blog.

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